The past few days have not been easy for Facebook. And while they’re fighting PR fires all over the place, they are also rolling out quick fixes to privacy and security concerns that its users may have (at least those who have not deleted their accounts yet). The latest one is specifically for privacy controls as they are now making it easier to find, access, understand, and control the various aspects of it. They say that they’ve been working on this for some time now, but they wanted to “underscore their importance” given the events of the past few days.

The settings menu on mobile devices has been redesigned so that you will be able to easily access everything from just one place. You will also now be able to see clearly which of your information can and cannot be shared with apps, given that a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories (some more believable than others) have been flying around. You can also now understand more easily information about privacy, security and ads through the Privacy Shortcuts menu.

Visually and conceptually, they’ve updated this menu so you can figure out things like how to make your account more secure. You can also see how to control your personal information and review (and delete) what you’ve shared with Facebook and third-party apps. The ad preferences lets you control what ads you see and what information Facebook uses to choose the ads you see. You can also easily manage who sees your posts and your profile information.

Facebook is also giving you tools like Access Your Information where you can see what you’ve posted, reactions, comments, and even things you’ve searched for. You can delete anything that you don’t want to have on Facebook anymore. You will also be able to download the data you’ve shared and move it to another service if you want. Let’s see if these improvements can convince people to still stay on the social network.

SOURCE: Facebook