While you have several business social networking sites like LinkedIn, there is still something more convenient about having the job recruitment and hiring process on the social network where most of the people are. That’s why this new feature that Facebook is introducing should theoretically go a long way to helping fill up job vacancies in a simpler process, particularly for small businesses who want to expand their reach. The social media giant is rolling out this new feature in the US and Canada initially, but hopefully, it will be released globally soon.

Basically, those businesses who have a page will be able to post their job openings easily in the new Jobs bookmark. The new section includes easy job post creation, the ability to track and review applications that are being sent in, and even communicate directly with the applicants through Messenger. They can also boost the post just like other posts on their page, so that more targeted people will be able to see the job posting.

On the side of the applicants, it’s also a bit easier to apply for that job. You will be able to see the vacancies on your news feed or on the Jobs bookmark of a company’s page. You can also see all the openings that have been posted on Facebook through Facebook.com/Jpbs. The form that appears after you tap Apply Now will already be populated with information from your profile but you can always edit it in case it’s not accurate anymore.

US and Canada are the only two countries for now where the Jobs bookmark is available. Hopefully, we also get to see it in other countries as well.

SOURCE: Facebook