Facebook has been widely criticized for its privacy and security practices and yet, a lot of people still use it not just to network but to log in to websites and apps. It’s of course pretty convenient but comes with possible risks. The social network giant is now introducing a new feature called Login Notifications which will send you alerts when you use your Facebook Login to login or interact with third-party apps. They said it’s also a reminder to users that they have “full control” over their account and information.

Login Notifications will be triggered when you use your Facebook Login to log onto a 3rd party app and you grant them access to your information. You will also receive a notification when you re-use the Facebook Login after your permission for the app’s access to information has already expired. Facebook says that the design and content of this new feature is also a reminder that you are in control of what you share and do not share with these 3rd party apps.

The notification will not just tell you that you logged into that app but also has a list of things that you agreed to share with the app like your profile photo, email address, Friends list, etc. If after seeing those things you realized you don’t want to share that information and revoke your permissions, you can tap on the Edit Settings button so you can go ahead and change what you need to change.

You’ll receive the notification through the email you use to sign up with Facebook and on the Facebook app as well. If you use your login for a lot of third-party apps, then this may be an annoyance to you but it’s necessary for privacy and security’s sake. It’s also a good time to review all the apps that you shared your information with, in case there are some that may be questionable now that you think about it, including those quizzes and tests that can sometimes be phishing sites.

Facebook also acknowledges that there are “sensitivities” when it comes to information privacy and so they are taking steps to assure their users that they have control over their information. They are working on adding more user control features this year, including making permissions more prominent when using your Facebook Login to connect to a 3rd party app.


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