If you’ve looked on in envy while celebrities, pages, and iOS users have been enjoying the benefits of having the ability to broadcast Facebook Live on their feeds, then the waiting for the chance to do so too will be over soon, if you live in the US. The social networking giant announced that they will be rolling out this feature for us mere mortals over the next few weeks, although it is for now only in the US, with more countries to be added soon.

If you’ve been living under a non-digital rock and don’t know what Facebook Live is, it’s a feature on their mobile app that lets you do live broadcasts to your friends and followers, just like what Meerkat and Periscope have been doing. It started out to just be available for celebrities as a way for them to connect to their fans when promoting a show or movie or album, or if they just want to let their fans know what they’re doing. iOS users in the US also started getting this feature, with the promise of Android soon.

That day has come as in the next few weeks, they will be rolling out Facebook Live gradually to users, but only in the US at first. To start doing your broadcast, tap on the What’s On Your Mind? section at the top of your News Feed and choose the Live Video icon. You can choose who you want to see the video or just make it public if you want to do so. Write a short description first so they know what they will expect when they click on it. You will see how many people are watching and which of your friends are doing so, and then react and respond to real-time comments while you’re doing your broadcast.

The video will save on your timeline and you can delete or keep it if you want. There’s no specific timetable as to when Facebook Live will roll out completely, except that it will start in the next week. Let’s also wait for which countries will be getting the feature soon.

SOURCE: Facebook