Since Facebook inked deals with some of the major music publishers a few months ago, we expected that they’ll be introducing more music-based features eventually. They announced 3 new things today which should be good news for music lovers. You can now add music to your Facebook Stories to make it even more interesting (well, if you post interesting things that is). You can now sing along to more songs with Lip Sync Live. And you can now add a song to your Facebook profile.

Adding (legal) songs to your Facebook Stories should be a fun new feature that should make us spend (waste) even more time creating our silly, fun Stories or watching our friends’ stories. You can even add it to your News Feed as well, so good luck with that. Take a photo or video from your Facebook camera or add a photo or video from your camera roll. When you tap on the sticker icon, you’ll see a music sticker. Look for the song that you want and choose which part to add to your story. When you add it, a sticker with the artist and song name will also be added.

Lip Sync Live was already previously, well, live but only for some users. Now they are expanding it to more profiles and to more countries around the world. They have also opened it up to more artists and creators by letting artist Pages add to the library. Plus, you can now also see the lyrics to make it easier to lip sync to your favorite songs. It’s not yet available for all but they will be rolling out to more songs soon.

You will also see a new music section on your profile so you can add a song, either your favorite one or what you’re listening to currently. You can pin a song to the top of your profile and when people play the song, they’ll hear a clip and see a video with the photos of the artist and album art. They can then add the song to their own profile or visit the artist’s page on Facebook.

We can expect the social media giant to make an even bigger push for music to make the most out of their music deals and maybe eventually even monetize it. If you can’t see these new features on your Facebook yet, just wait since they’re gradually rolling it out.

SOURCE: Facebook