If you and your friends take a lot of pictures together, go to a lot of events, or go on a lot of vacations together and all of you are on Facebook, then chances are, it’s a headache to keep track of all the photos that you took and all the photos you are in which they took. Part of Facebook’s Creative Labs is to come up with solutions to these problems, and now their latest baby is something called Moments which will help solve that issue.

Facebook has a habit of creating apps whose names are very generic, but self-explanatory and Moments is no exemption. When you sync your photos with this app, you can “give” it to your friends and vice versa, they can give you the photos that they took as well. And the great thing is that it’s all done privately. When you’ve downloaded the app, it will look at the photos on your device and then group them together according to when they were taken. Using the power of the face recognition technology (which honestly, can be kind of scary), it will be ble to detect which of your friends are in those photos.

You will then be able to privately sync it with the friends you choose to share them with, and likewise, they will also be able to sync their photos with you. So now there is no need for a back and forth on your messaging services, asking for this photo and that photo where you looked good or where your crush was beside you. The app also organizes your photos well, so no need to create specific folders, etc. You can also search easily to find the photos you’re in or where specific friends are.

You can download Moments for free from the Google Play Store. However, it is only available in the US for now but expect it to be rolling out to other countries soon.

SOURCE: Facebook