Some say that what Facebook does well is to see what the current trending app is and then create its own version or add a feature to its current apps that’s almost a clone of that popular app. Since the Nextdoor neighborhood-based app seems to be having its moment, it was no surprise to learn that Facebook was developing a feature on its main app, of course, called Neighborhood. Now it is officially launching in Canada and has started testing it out in the U.S.

Facebook’s Neighborhood is a feature within the main app which lets you create a sub-profile and join groups and communicate with people that are in your actual neighborhood. Your profile here is separate from your main one although it will pull in your name, profile photo, and cover photo when you sign up for a Neighborhoods profile. You can add other information to your sub-profile if you want to, like personal interests, favorite places, and even a short bio.

You can then join your neighborhood but Facebook will supposedly ask you to confirm if you really live there before you are able to join. Once verified, you will be able to join discussions or create your own discussions. There’s also a dedicated Questions feed for your Neighborhood where people can provide answers to FAQs, which will be helpful for those who are new in the area. You can also create and join groups that are exclusive for your area.

Facebook says they are putting dedicated moderators onto this new feature to keep the place safe and inclusive. They will remove posts that go against the Neighborhoods Guidelines as well as Facebook Community Standards. Facebook also want to make it clear that your activity within the app can be used to personalize your activity elsewhere in the main app, specifically the ads you will be shown.

Neighborhoods started pilot testing in Calgary, Canada but is now available elsewhere in the country. They will start testing it out in selected U.S cities soon and roll out for everyone in the country after that.