When it comes to apps and websites, we all have our preferences. Some prefer gaming, while others like to read news. Music is always popular, and so is sports. Which are most visited? A new study notes we don’t stray far from home when we browse the web on our mobile devices. Our choice of apps is also fairly predictable, but has a few surprises.

When it comes to web browsing, we love Google. Google sites were visited by 88% of those sampled for a comSource study. Facebook proved its merit, coming in second with 84.4%, leading Yahoo properties by 7.5%. After Yahoo, Amazon makes a slightly surprising appearance in the #4 slot with 65.3%. Rounding out the top 5 is Apple with 49.6%, barely edging out AOL at 49.5%.

Apps tell a similar story, but break those websites out a bit. We still love Facebook, with 75.7% of devices having that app loaded. Google Play clocks in second with 54% of devices, followed by Google Search with 52.2%. Pandora surprises us at the #4 spot, with 48.2%. That’s ahead of YouTube at 48% saturation, and Gmail with 45.6%.

These numbers hold true with stats we reported yesterday regarding OS and OEM popularity. Apple’s website being visited by about 50% of devices, and Google Play ending up on 54% of devices show that the numbers match up pretty well. Facebook Messenger has a 19% saturation, which is only behind Twitter at 21.8% when we consider social media and messaging. Apps like Google+ or Hangouts don’t even register yet, but as they come pre-loaded on Android devices, we’re sure that will change.