It’s been a decade since Facebook came into our lives or more like, we came to Facebook. The social network is still the top social media platform and we commend Mark Zuckerberg for being a genius. Although we’re not fully happy with its security and privacy, the development team has been working hard to make major improvements.

Yesterday, the company announced the latest Privacy Basics so people can see all the tools they need. Such features are important and useful in managing and controlling all the things you want to share on Facebook. You will see the top topics addressed and enhanced functionality based on past feedback and requests of Facebook users concerning security and privacy.

This is basically an improved way to protect your privacy because everything is organized in one place so you can quickly manage what you need to fix. Privacy Basics is available in 44 languages and features several interactive guides you can devour. Read so you won’t be at a loss.

With Privacy Basics, you can view the tools, tips, and any other information that will be useful to your everyday Facebook usage. With the new Privacy Basics, know how your profile looks like to others viewing it, who can see your posts, and how to secure your account. This Privacy Basics comes as Facebook’s effort for the Data Privacy Day happening on January 28. It’s celebrated every year and this is one of Facebook’s ways on improving privacy information.

In line with this, take this time to take the Privacy Checkup, turn on login approvals to improve account security, and manage who sees your every post. You can also check Facebook’s Security Key as a new step to account protection. This brings login approvals from an SMS so you authenticate from a device other than your computer or from whatever gadget you are using.

Feel free to register a physical security key now and enable login approvals. This may require another physical device but Facebook is assuring the public that it is safe. A small hardware that goes in your USB drive can be private and secure most of the time but honestly, we can’t say if it’s easier because you have to do more steps.

Facebook enumerated the advantages of using security keys. A two-factor authentication usually offers Phishing protection, interoperability for other supported online account, and faster login.

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