We’ve all been there once before – maybe you’re killing time at a lounge before a meeting and took a quick glance at Facebook over your handheld device. Then you see an interesting link – a video, an article, a BuzzFeed list – but you really don’t have the time to explore it just now. What do you do? Either you let it go right now and hope you remember it later, or consign it to oblivion.

The new “Save on Facebook” looks to meet that need, taking its cue from Android apps like Pocket and Links Saver, allowing users to “save” links so that they can come back to it later. Sounds cool, huh? Well, suffice it to say that Facebook wasn’t the first to think about this idea, but we’re actually glad that it is going this way. With the hundreds of links you get on your News Feed every day, this is a way for you to explore those that are actually relevant to you.

But Facebook is going one over the apps we mentioned, and rightly so because of the relative variety of content you do get on your feed. So “Save on Facebook” doesn’t just save links, you can save virtually ANYTHING that appears on your News Feed – that great restaurant that your friend went to last night, that book your friend was reading, or music that you may have been listening to. Want to react or comment at a later date because your friend was “feeling meh” at one point in the day? Save it on Facebook.


Lastly, Facebook will be making the items you save available on all platforms – you can view the items you saved on mobile on the web. Your saved items will be organized by category, and you will be able to directly share to your timeline from your saved list. Again, pretty logical for Facebook to do. You will also be getting reminders on your feed about the items you have saved, just in case you forgot that you did save some items. This cool new feature will be rolling out on Android (and iOS) devices in the “next few days”, FB says.


SOURCE: Facebook