Today we’ve learned that the folks from Facebook and good old Zuck have begin rolling out a brand new service. What service is that you ask? The official Facebook Gift Card. Yup, you’ll now be able to enjoy those birthday or rare occasions even with your online friends by sending them a gift card of your choice. The concept and system in which these work is actually quite interesting so read on below.

At first I was shocked and confused, but the more I think about it this is actually a really good idea. With the million and millions of Facebook users and friends, many who which are in different states and areas of the country. This could really be a neat idea and service. This is Facebook’s way of making more money, but in their eyes it’s all about you — the user!

Essentially the Facebook Card is multiple gift cards all in one. Think of it like a Google Wallet pre-paid card, or a Mastercard gift card you can use wherever, only you can’t. Customers will be able to put multiple cards for different stores (and different balances) all on one card for easy use. Different uses, different balances and more all controlled on your Facebook page, or accompanying Android app.


Get a gift card for Olive Garden (mmm breadsticks) Jamba Juice, Target, or even Sephora. The Facebook friend will instantly get a Facebook notification of the wonderful gift, then it will arrive at their residence in just a few days time. This does mean you’ll have to know their address, so that could be an issue for some. The card can be used instantly, it’s completely reusable and re-loadable, and each new gift a friend buys instantly gets added to your current physical card once you have one.

Facebook Cards will rollout to the US over the coming days although we have no details on select regions or other partners at this time. More details can be found from the source link below. What do you think about this idea? Love it or hate it?

[via Facebook]