Facebook Home received an update in the beta channel earlier in the month. While that update was only available for those playing in the beta channel, it did add the ability to connect additional social accounts. In short, Facebook Home received Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest integration.

Better news though, that update has since left the beta channel and arrived for all Home users. The Home launcher can be found in the Play Store and is currently sitting at version 1.1. This lockscreen replacement requires Android 4.0 or later for use and still only supports a limited number of devices.

At present the device support includes the following;

Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, HTC First, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and HTC One

Getting back to this update, users can now view content from these four additional social networks on their lockscreen. The first time you install the Home app you will be given the option to choose which networks you want to display. After the initial setup has been completed you can always add/remove any by tapping the Home icon on your homescreen and looking for the “More settings” option.

Otherwise, aside from the update for the Home lockscreen replacement, the regular Facebook Android app was updated yesterday. And as a side note, you will need to have this most recent Facebook update installed in order to get the latest features from Home.