Curious how many of us actually use Facebook? According to them, over 1 billion — monthly. In their Financial results for Q4 2013, Facebook noted user statistics in addition to financial statistics. Aside from the overall user metrics come some interesting facts about how we access the social site, specifically on mobile.

According to Facebook, 1.23 billion of us use their site monthly. With 7.2 billion people on earth, that’s an impressive number. Considering that many of the world isn’t connected — yet — it becomes even more astounding. From there, we also learn that a good chunk of those are daily users, and mobile is also a big part of how we access Facebook.

Daily active users for Facebook climbed to 757 million in December 2013, a 22% uptick from last year. Of those who use the site daily, 556 million accessed it via mobile, a 49% increase year-over-year. We know that 1.23 billion access Facebook monthly, but a huge 945 million of them accessed the site via mobile devices, which is a 39% jump from the previous year.

Also of note for mobile is that 76.83% of Facebook’s overall monthly traffic is accessed via mobile. When considering daily use, 73.44% access Facebook via smartphones and tablets. For a company that recently made a big push toward the mobile ecosystem, these are important metrics to consider. As the growth trajectory for Facebook continues to increase steadily, and the world becomes more connected with smartphones and tablets, Facebook’s trends should be expected to continue on this path, if not accelerate.

VIA: The Next Web