Facebook is getting a fresh look in an upcoming redesign of their Android app. The new Facebook is said to have a flatter look, and take on some Google theming in the process. Of course, this is all pre-release, so things could change.

It’s also not widely available for testing, or viewing. Android Police note that while they’ve got a link for the app available for sideloading, you may not get the full effect. The UI is controlled server-side, meaning Facebook is carefully guarding who gets to see their new look. You may also have to uninstall your current Facebook app for the chance to check the new one out.

All thngs considered, it’s about time Facebook step their game up on Android. We’ve long been languishing behind iOS when it comes to Facebook, even though Facebook has made some over-the-top gestures in regard to Android. Their Facebook Home launcher was widely panned by users, but some features were quickly copied by the likes of Paranoid Android.


The new look is a bit flatter, a bit more gesture based, and a lot cleaner than the previous offering. By shifting things like News Feed and Notifications to the top of the main screen, Facebook for Android becomes a bit easier to navigate, and a lot more tolerable. There is no word on when it will hit the Play Store, but it shouldn’t be too long.