The boys from Facebook are back today, pushing out a quick incremental update for Android that appears to fix multiple bugs and even improve performance. We’ve seen and heard the “improve performance” comment in the past so decided to quickly update and give it a try.

Facebook didn’t reveal much about the update, so it must have been rather small. The “what’s new” area only states “improved performance and various bug fixes.” Pretty vague change log for something as huge as Facebook. Either it really was that small of an update or they didn’t do enough to warrant saying so. I was hoping for a larger change log myself.

Looking through the comments (which are always brutal and critical of Facebook) it doesn’t look like performance has been improved in the slightest. I don’t know about you guys but I rarely use Facebook and when I do, I’m not all that impressed with the mobile version. They could learn a thing or two from Google’s latest Google+ app. Can we really blame Facebook for having a slow app when it comes do data? They do have like 1 billion users or so now. Just a thought.

[via Play Store]