Look, a Facebook update. Late last night an update rolled out for Facebook for Android that promises a few enhancements, better feature, and of course speed. Whenever Facebook for Android mentions speeds I’m hesitant but this one is regarding photos. They’ve added a new photo upload process that is faster too.

The Facebook update is available right now over at the Google Play Store, and promises much faster and multiple photo uploading. Not only that but we also have a new “photo flow” user interface that neatly shows all the photos too.

You can now create and share events with ease right from your Android smartphone or tablet. Facebook’s tablet support still seem to be lacking, but it’s slowly getting there — slowly. Last but not least the update also introduced the option to add photos and emoji smileys to messages all on Facebook for Android.

The fact that you can now simply and quickly add one, or multiple photos to messages or your usual photo album is a small but much needed update. Those people that upload tons and tons of photos to their Facebook pages all from mobile will surely be happy to see this option. We know you all love those emoji faces so enjoy. Get it now while it’s hot!