Facebook for Android is getting a decent update today in the Google Play Store. Who’s excited? I know many of you are hoping this would be the new and improved native Facebook app we’ve been hearing about, but sadly that isn’t the case. This isn’t the much anticipated native app but you’ll be happy to know the entire photo upload, sharing, and albums part of Facebook for Android has been improved.

Sadly this isn’t the native app built to replace the current HTML5 app to enhance the Facebook experience — or actually make it usable I should say. It’s just a small update. Facebook’s been under a lot of flack lately for their Android app, and how terrible the experience is. While we still have to wait for that app to arrive, users will be happy to know this update fixes a few pesky bugs.

With today’s update Facebook photo tagging will be much faster and more efficient. They’ve also added the option to choose which album you upload photos to on mobile, instead of them all just going under the mobile uploads album. This is by far a huge complaint and something we’re glad to see finally get added — took long enough.

Then the usual comments about performance, speed, and bugs is mentioned, but nothing too specific. Facebook does mention that they have solved some bugs around members using different languages as well. As usual the update is available right this minute for all you Facebook fans. Head to the Google Play Store and grab it today.