Facebook was recently updated on Android, and brings many much-welcomed improvements to the table. First up, you can navigate to any tab quicker than before. The ability to view friends tags on pictures and play Facebook apps and games were also added. All this and more, but many early adopters have already started to report some problems.

Mainly, battery drain seems to be a culprit of the new version – but then again, it does state that faster notifications were a big part of the update. You’re now alerted in realtime through push notifications, which likely takes up more battery life than before. You’ll be able to edit push settings within the application, so those of you with problems could should give it a try.

Right above the timeline, you’ll notice easy access to a user’s friends list and subscriptions have migrated over too. I was skeptical about the whole timeline layout at first, but I have a feeling this mobile version will grow on me, that is – as soon as battery drain issues are tended to. Those of you that take the plunge, was it worth it?

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