Facebook for Android often updates with minor bug fixes, so it’s easy to overlook the app updating behind the scenes on your Android devices. The latest update is bringing in some neat features, though. Users will now have the ability to respond to posts with pictures, and there are new options for organizing and sharing photos as well.

The ability to respond to a post with visual media has been available on iOS for some time, but has recently migrated to Android. The ability to respond with a picture or meme is often useful, but can get a bit overwhelming at times. Longer posts only get more exhaustive with a ton of pictures to wade through.

New features for cataloging pictures is also being implemented into Android. We’ll now have the option for uploading multiple pics at once, which is great for sharing an album on the go. Users can also delete albums if need be, or simply edit them via the app. We can also choose to untag ourselves from photos via Android.

A few nice tweaks from Facebook for Android, and some that blur their lines between desktop and mobile. As a mobile-centric company, we’ll expect more good things from Facebook. They can start with Paper for Android. We’d still love to see that.