The social network giant Facebook surely isn’t slowing down anytime soon, but they have recognized the shift to mobile is the future and are adapting quite well. It’s no secret that they’ve been shifting from the web to a more mobile-focused company, and today we’re learning a few additional details about how they’ve done it, and why.

First off, Facebook just posted a blog entry detailing just how difficult their experience was getting everything working on Android. Explaining how Facebook is one of the most impressive Android apps available, and has tons of features. Interestingly enough they give us all the details on the hacks and tweaks required to improve the overall experience.

Then while speaking with Engadget, Director of Mobile Engineering, Mike Shaver made a few comments regarding Facebook’s continued push into the mobile landscape. Facebook is on all major mobile platforms, and the past few months they’ve made serious efforts on their native Android app – although I’m still not too satisfied with the app.

Today we’ve learned that this huge push toward mobile is all headed off with their own internal training program. One that we’re being told is pretty intensive and aimed directly at mobile users. This all started last July when Facebook started sending employees through an intensive training program and teaching the staff to natively code for Android and iOS – and as a result we have the ever-improving apps used today by millions and millions.

From designers, product managers, engineer and more nearly 450 employees have finished this intensive training. Reportedly any employee can take the courses, but most are engineers and app developers. Apparently this is a push to have everyone on board thinking “mobile first” and to build mobile empathy with the employees. Hopefully the native Android app continues to improve, as we all know it could still use some TLC.