In a recent update, Facebook gained the ability to read your text messages. For a company that has a checkered past with regard to the privacy of information, it raised eyebrows. Was Facebook trying to pry deeper into your device to force ads upon you? The explanation from Facebook points to a really simple solution.

Via their Facebook Mobile Apps page, the social media giant has outlined their reasons for needing access to your SMS messages. According tot he post, they want to look in your text messages for a confirmation code they’d send for verifying info. Essentially, Facebook wants to make things like sign-up easier on the end user.

The sensationalism comes from Android permission notifications, really. By giving us the headline with no context, we’re left to come up with all kinds of reasons why something of this nature would be bad. Let’s also be honest that for many of us, Facebook is not to be trusted. They’ve made huge mistakes in the past with safeguarding info, so why would we give them access to something as potentially personal as text messages?

If for ease of use, then this situation was really one that needed further instruction — and we got it. There is no reason to think anything strange is going on, but that doesn’t mean things will remain this way. Now that we’ve given them a pass on access, they could end up taking liberties we didn’t want in the first place — just like with making private Timeline info public, or any of the other blunders they’ve wronged us with in the past.
VIA: TechCrunch