If you are fond of using the Snapchat-like stories feature of various apps, you might have found it annoying that Facebook had two different things for its main app (Facebook Stories) and its Messenger (Messenger Day). Well, they have finally come to their senses and are bringing the two together under just one branding and allowing cross-posting. It will now just be called Stories and will still last for 24 hours and the photos and/or videos posted can now be seen in both apps.

Facebook Product Manager Connor Hayes said that they wanted it to be easier for people to share and view Stories across both apps, since there are some that would just prefer to use one and not both. So now anything you post on the re-named Stories will be posted on both Messenger and the main Facebook app. Anything you viewed on one app will be marked as viewed in the other. It actually makes sense to just have one product as it is sometimes confusing.

However, the cameras for the two apps are still distinct. The in-app camera of Facebook focuses on augmented reality while the Messenger camera is more for captions and stylizing the photos or videos. Another update is that they have removed the Facebook Direct ephemeral messaging feature and instead, all replies to your Story will appear in your Messenger. This may mean the social media giant is preparing a stand-alone ephemeral messaging app or a feature on Messenger that will make messages last for a certain period only.

They are also gradually rolling out collaborative Facebook Stories for Groups and Events where you can add photos and videos that the others can see. You can also now have better privacy controls over your Stories. You can choose the audience, just like you would on your regular posts. You can check out your Facebook and Messenger apps to see if the update has rolled out to your account.

SOURCE: Facebook

VIA: Tech Crunch