In case you haven’t been following the latest Facebook news they’ve just gone public. Recently signing their Initial Public Offering, authorized by Ernst & Young LLP as having shares of its common stock available to the world. While this is big news it doesn’t really matter for us here in the world of Android. We do have some good news though — Facebook for Android just received an update although only a minor one.

The update to Facebook for Android has just hit the Android Market but judging by the screenshot above they haven’t released a change-log. According to their site and comments on the Facebook for Android page they’ve brought a load of bug fixes with the latest version — although they wont detail what exactly they’ve fixed.

Are you seeing any improvements to the latest version? We are also hearing a few memory management and efficiency issues have been resolved and should keep the application running quick and smoothly for Android users. I don’t know about you guys but ever since the latest huge UI update and overhaul the app just keeps getting worse. We’ll probably see an update tonight or tomorrow to fix whatever they’ve broke today. With all the money Facebook makes, and even more now they’ve gone public you think they could create a better app. Just saying. Hit the link below and grab the shiny new update.

Market Link