The past few months (okay, maybe even years) have seen mobile users become even more paranoid about security breaches, given that a lot of hacking incidents have been making the news. It is prudent of course to take certain precautions just to be sure, and developers and OEMs have to be at the forefront of ensuring that their customers are protected and also to help them protect themselves. Facebook previously introduced Security Checkup for desktop, and now they’re also opening it up for Android users on mobile devices.

On your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now easily access the Security Checkup tool that users should regularly use to make sure that there will be no unauthorized access or breaches on your account. There are three basic steps that you can do to secure your account. First, the tool will help you log out of devices and browsers that you don’t regularly use Facebook on or you haven’t for a long time. Second, you have the option of turning on a notification that will send you an email whenever someone logs into your account from a new computer or phone.

The third step gives you tips on how to make better and more secure passwords. You would think this is common sense, but you would always see studies or surveys showing that the most common passwords are something stupid like password123. So this third step will guide you on what you should or shouldn’t put on your passwords.

You can access the Facebook Security Checkup tool from the Facebook Help Center, through both desktop and mobile devices running on the Android platform.

SOURCE: Facebook