Most people don’t think about online privacy issues, until they or someone close to them becomes a victim of hacking or cyber bullying/stalking, and other nefarious activities that come from getting information from your account. Facebook is notorious for being a source of all these privacy violations and so the social network giant is now more proactive in making people understand what it means to protect their information as well as taking control of their data through an education campaign, easier access to settings, and sharing their privacy principles.

Starting today, you’ll see some privacy education tools from Facebook on your News Feed so that in case you’re unaware of these things, you will now be able to learn more about it. Not only will it teach you about the tools you can use, like who can see your posts, how to control what information they use to show you ads, reviewing old posts, and even deleting your account. There will also be an occasional Privacy Checkup, privacy tips that will show up every once in a while, etc.

They will also now make those privacy settings easier to find because they’re practically useless if you actually don’t have easy access to these tools. We now get a new privacy center where you will be able to access all your core privacy settings. And now for the first time, Facebook is sharing their Privacy Principles which includes things like giving control to users, helping people understand how their data is used, and how they’re keeping your information secure.

Now a lot of people are probably cynical when it comes to Facebook and privacy issues given all the information that has been revealed the past few months, but it’s still important that we learn these tools on our own, personal privacy. So when you see a privacy tip or video on your News Feed, take time to read or watch, for your own sake.

SOURCE: Facebook