On June 27, we reported that the social network had announced the Facebook beta for Android app, which promised to be a (sorely needed) improvement offering better performance and other such statements we’ve heard before. It has been about a week, and an update for the beta app was just rolled out featuring a host of bug fixes while retaining the same version number.

Basically, Facebook Beta works by allowing users to test the new features 7 to 10 days early, with the stated goal being a reliable, well-performing Facebook experience across all Android devices, rather than working well on some and terribly on others. It was mentioned last month that the “diversity of devices and OS versions” makes this a bit problematic for the company.

The change log shows a variety of fixes, with 15 bugs in total being squashed. Among them is a correction of the problem causing profile pictures to sometimes not update, as well as the issue with the photo picker and messages list view crashing. Users who experience a crash after selecting “Nearby” suggestions should also see a fix.

Going down the list, there’s been a correction of the problem that caused the image cropping tool to fail on occasions, as well as the error that would appear while trying to share a story from their News Feed within a PM. One particularly bothersome issue that prevented – after installing Facebook Home – Facebook from being turned off has also been corrected.

The rest of the bug fixes provided in the change log for “Facebook App” are minor enough not to warrant their own mentions. However, there was also a separate change log posted for “Facebook Home” that included a few additional updates, among them being stability improvements for folder usage, How being easier to uninstall, Home settings that have been relocated, and fonts for foreign languages – which have had translations updated – being added.

SOURCE: Android Police