Everywhere we go people are always on their smartphones. This is nothing new but a recent study was just released that is leading me to believe almost all those people we see day to day are simply using Facebook way too much. We know the social network is hugely popular but today’s findings by ComScore has Facebook being the absolute #1 most used and downloaded app in 2012 — at least in the US.

Interestingly enough the report actually shows that Facebook is the number 1 mobile app in the US, and beat out Google Maps for the top spot. This is across only two platforms mind you, but still, pretty impressive yet scary at the same time. When looking at the above chart you’ll clearly see Google Maps being in the lead until Apple removed it in October for their own Maps option, which it then took a massive dive and Facebook took the lead. We all know how that turned out though. Right?

2013 will be a pretty tight race now that Google’s released their Maps to iOS again with a new and improved mobile app. We have a feeling Facebook won’t be quite so lucky come the end of 2013. Despite Google Maps losing the top spot to Facebook, there’s absolutely no argument as to who is winning the bigger picture. Clearly Google has a massive lead against everyone. Check out the chart below also released by ComScore, showing just how dominating Google really is across the board.


Aside from Facebook we see Google, and well, more Google. With Maps, Google Play, Search, Gmail, then the ever so popular YouTube all racking up enough traffic to triple that of Facebook. The web isn’t a one trick pony, and it shows. Interestingly enough the report shows iTunes near the button but has no mention of Apple’s App Store. Even though Google Play is listed right up near the top. It would be nice to see the numbers from the App Store somewhere in here.

The report briefly goes into app engagement as well, showing Facebook and Instagram having a clear lead over just about everyone else. Now that Facebook owns Instagram they certainly have the lead when it comes to engagement on mobile apps. Will 2013 be the year for Google+, doubtful. Pretty neat report nonetheless so read more from the via below.

[via Comscore]