Facebook fans have reason to be excited today, as the company has just issued a quick update for their Android app that brings plenty of improvement. A fancy new “Share” button has been added for easy sharing while on the go using Android, and they’ve also fixed a few bugs and improved photo tagging. Who loves Facebook?

While we still wait for a new and improved Facebook for Android, which we here is coming, this will have to hold us over. The team behind Zuckerberg has added a new share feature and create album right from the timeline on mobile devices. This should make creating photo albums, and sharing anything from news to photos with ease.

Then as usual we have a few software improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Facebook states they’ve managed to improved their photo tagging system, especially on mobile, although we aren’t really sure what that “improvement” entails.

Conveniently the share, like, and comment tabs seem to have a slight redesign, and the app in general performs a little quicker. It did manage to crash about 5 seconds after I updated to it on my Nexus 7 however. Last but not least Facebook has fixed a status update failure issue that has apparently been plaguing a few users still. The update is available right now so go and get it from the Google Play Store.

[via Facebook]