Last night Facebook sent out invites for an upcoming event focused all on Android, and it has the rumors a swirling this afternoon. We’re hearing their own Facebook phone, a home screen replacement full of News Feeds and all sorts of craziness. One in particular from the New York Times seems to be logical, but anything is possible.

According to the New York Times Facebook will be announcing their own version or flavor of Android next week, one that will obviously completely cover up stock Android in favor of Facebook. I’m sick to my stomach already. The entire term “Facebook Phone” just needs to die, as does this entire concept but it never will. The details simply state the Android flavor will make Facebook more prominent.

Sources are reporting that Facebook will have their own skin, or basically their own version of Android much like Amazon’s Fire UI that will resemble and be all about Facebook. HTC is said to be on board as the first to partner with their new UI. On first boot you’ll be instantly greeted with your news feed, full of pointless details from your friends and family. Then all of the core apps will feature Facebook instead of regular Android.

Right down to the camera being specially designed by them like we’ve seen in the past, and of course it will auto-upload right into Facebook to share with the world. Essentially things like messenger, camera, gallery and more will all be core features and apps with a touch of Facebook. With free Facebook friend calling with VoIP, their integrated messenger service, and core Camera app we saw last year all the pieces are potentially in place – even if I don’t want them to be.

We’ll be there to capture all the details for you Facebook fans, so stay tuned for more details.

[via NYT]



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