Facebook is still the most popular social network today. It’s been the top social website for young and old alike. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, it’s not going away anytime soon. It may be No. 1 but admit it or not, this website has more disadvantages rather then advantages. Of course, that’s just the cynic in me talking but as a parent, I don’t think I’d want my kid spending a lot of time in there because there are just too many things that can happen and be explored.

Communication through Facebook is highly efficient. People from all over the world can easily connect with family and friends. Meanwhile, big and small businesses benefit from this social website because it serves as an effective marketing tool. One of the best ways brands market their products and services is by putting up Facebook Ads for a fee. If you’re a social media manager or simply an individual who is willing to pay to advertise a special event or cause, the Facebook Ads Manager app can be a powerful business tool right on your mobile phone.

The app features advertising tools that lets you create ads, edit, view ad results, track spending, and set notifications. With this app, you can easily create advertisements complete with photos from your gallery or previously uploaded Page posts. You can keep track how many Facebook users have been reached. Change images, fix errors, or edit your audience, as well as, set schedule and budget limit.

You can set spending limits on the ad and be informed how much you’re already spent or update payment methods as you need to keep track of your spending. Be notified when ads are about to end or how they are performing with those timely notifications.

Facebook Ads Manager is an all-new app officially released by the Facebook developers. It’s an easier way to manage ads with a simply click, tap, or swipe. It’s free to download and no other in-app purchases are offered apart from the price of ads and budget limit you will be setting.

Download Facebook Ads Manager from the Google Play Store