Password best practices would have us create different and slightly complicated passwords, but having to remember all those passwords across different websites and devices can be quite a chore. For this reason, services such as LastPass has created a significant market and, now, anti-virus maker F-Secure wants a piece of that pie with its new F-Secure KEY password manager.

Like other password managers, F-Secure KEY is both a service and an accompanying app. It is able to remember not just passwords but also input data such as user names, credit card details, and related information. Of course, all of these are protected by a single master password and encrypted on F-Secure’s cloud. Comments indicate, though, that the company has not revealed the type of encryption it uses, probably for security purposes. It does, however, prevent users from judging whether F-Secure’s encryption is strong enough to be trusted and will just have to take the company’s word for it.

F-Secure KEY can also generate passwords, for the times when you run out of ideas or mnemonics to use. Maximum password length is 32 characters and users can opt to use a mix of the usual upper- and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, of course, provided the service allows the use of symbols as well. One interesting feature that F-Secure’s service has is a news feed that keeps users update about the latest hacking incidents on popular online services to give them a heads up on whether they need to change their password. F-Secure has provided an short guide on how to get started with F-Secure KEY, which you’ll find in the video below.

Just hit the download link below to get your free copy of F-Secure KEY from Google Play Store. Of course, it will only be half as useful if you can’t sync it with your computer, so the app is also available on the PC and Mac, also for free. iOS users will have to wait for a while, though, as the app is marked as still marked as coming soon to Apple’s App Store.

Download: F-Secure KEY on Google Play Store
VIA: The Next Web