Samsung has been finalizing production and preps for the Note 10. The premium phablet series is about to launch so we’re expecting more leaks and teasers will be revealed. Some rumors are being confirmed and we’re just waiting for the Unpacked event happening in the first week of August. We may have to watch out carefully because there’s been a trade issue between Japan and South Korea. It’s not just Huawei and US that have been having a row. Samsung is also a victim of two countries.

Samsung is said to be slowing down the production of the Exynos chips. It’s cutting some ten percent of the target production according to a source. The 10% won’t be totally gone but will be made the next month. The Exynos processor will be used for the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

The South Korean tech giant isn’t denying nor confirming any information but we believe it’s been making some adjustments to production and manufacturing timeline. It’s doing so because the Japanese government has sent out restrictions for chemical products being used by Samsung.

Products restricted include hydrogen fluoride, fluorinated polyimide, and resists. These are important to the process of making displays and chips. Samsung isn’t the only one affected. There’s also SK Hynix that rely on Japanese firms. For one, Samsung’s Exynos products depend on hydrogen fluoride. Fluorinated polyimide is then used on smartphone displays. The company can’t finish production on time if the components are not complete.

Samsung’s trade conflict with Japan “could negatively affect the Japanese materials industry as Korean tech firms are some of their major customers” according to Daishin Security analyst Lee Su-bin. It can be likened to Huawei-US trade ban but the Japanese government is believed to not impose an export ban. Such a move could possibly bring a negative effect on the chip and electronics industries and we know the Japanese are way better than that.