If you think your trusty but “older” Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be left behind as the newer models get upgraded to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, well, apparently, Samsung can still surprise you. The good news is yes, your phablet will receive the major update. The bad news is that, if your device isn’t powered by Exynos (the Snapdragon variety), then you will still most likely stay on Android Lollipop. That isn’t the final word yet, but for now, it’s just the Galaxy Note 4 N910C that’s getting the update.

Several users from various parts of the world, like Poland, India, Turkey, and the US have sent screenshots of their Galaxy Note 4 now sporting the Marshmallow look. And the version that has reached them is the 6.0.1 version which means it’s the newer build. The firmware is around 1.3GB, which is a little bit smaller than a previous build for the Galaxy Note 4 on an American network.

Some of the users have also reported that the Screen of memo feature of the newer Note device, the Galaxy Note 5, is also now available for the Note 4. This means that you can now write on your screen with your SPen, even if the screen is turned off, and it will still save on your Notes. Even the icons on the updated version of the Note 4 now looks identical to the Note 5.

gsmarena_001 (3)

If you have a Galaxy Note 4 N910C but still no notification that you have an update, then just be patient, as the rollout may take some time. And consider yourself lucky that you know it’s coming, since other smartphone owners are still waiting for theirs.

VIA: GSM Arena



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