Samsung Exynos 2200 Mobile Processor

The new chipset from Samsung is here. The one we have been saying will be used on the Galaxy S22 series phones is officially unveiled. The South Korean tech giant describes the Exynos 2200 processor as a game-changer especially with the Xclipse GPU. It is said to be powered by AMD RDNA 2 architecture. This is Samsung’s latest premium mobile processor that can deliver the ultimate in mobile gaming experience and overall experience in mobile photography and social media apps.

The Exynos 2200 comes with a new mobile GPU called Xclipse. It is built with RDNA 2 graphics technology. Samsung worked with AMD with the goal of redefining mobile gaming. It also delivers improved AI and graphics performance.

The Xclipse GPU is a hybrid graphic processor. With the MD RDNA 2 architecture, you can expect it to bring advanced graphic features. It also boasts variable rate shading (VRS) and hardware accelerated ray tracing (RT). Those elements are only previously ready on consoles, laptops, and computers.

The Xclipse GPU also comes with different technologies like an advanced multi-IP governor (AMIGO). This tech helps improve overall efficiency and performance. With all these enhancements, we can expect future smartphones with Exynos 2200 will offer great gaming experiences.

Enhanced 5G connectivity is also a promise coupled with better security and performance. The processor integrates the newest Armv9 CPU cores from ARM. Fast 5G is possible with the quick 3GPP Release 16 5G modem. That latter can support both mmWave and sub-6GHz.

On-device artificial intelligence (AI) is more powerful with the upgraded NPU. It delivers double performance and higher precision, thanks to the FP16 (16bit floating point) support. That’s apart from the NT8 (8bit integer) and INT16 as described.

The Exynos 2200 saves private cryptographic keys with the Integrated Secure Element (iSE). User data encryption is safe with a reinforced inline encryption.


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