Some of you are having a really problem fighting the battery life of your T-Mobile G1. Do far the rumors that T-Mobile is shipping extended life batteries out is seeming to by just a myth. There are solutions but you have to ask yourself, how much am I willing to give for a device that lasts a little longer?

Power users and those who game on their T-Mobile G1 will need to pick up this extended life battery from Seidio. This battery does make your device a lot thicker than it is normally, but hey its only $55 and your phone wont need a charge as often. The battery is so big that a back cover is needed just to house it.

Take a look at the picture for a moment and try to get a good realization of just how large this makes your handset before ordering, you may be surprised. The standard battery is 1150mAh, but this monster backs 2600mAh! At least now you can bring down even the largest person from across the room with one good throw of your handset.  Do you feel this extra bulk is worth it?

[Via Seidio]


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