Explore the farthest reaches of space — and still be home in time for supper — with the insanely popular Kerbal Space Program, offered with savings of 66% off the retail price for readers of Android Community. Kerbal Space Program is one of the most decorated simulation games in the last five years, having received a litany of awards including ratings of 9/10 from IGN, 5/5 Stars from PC World, and PC Gamer’s 2015 Best Simulation Award. With it, you can create your own space program and run it however you see fit. Build ships, test your own flight designs, explore the galaxy, and discover parts of the game that no one has before.

What makes Kerbal Space Program so good? The game uses physics and flight systems to produce a lifelike representation of space travel. Ships that are designed well will take off, fly, and land with ease. Those that aren’t will crash and burn. With this game you can design small spacecraft, and then dock them together to create space stations, starships, and more.

Once you design a ship that functions well, you can take your Kerbal crew out exploring the galaxy. Take on a variety of complex and engaging missions, discover new worlds, leave the ship, and even go Extra Vehicular Activities. There are no limits to what you can explore with the Kerbal Space Program.

There’s only a select few who will ever be chosen to actually fly in space. For the rest of us, the Kerbal Space Program is the next best thing. Get your copy that is compatible with PC, Mac, SteamOS, and Linux systems for just $13.59 at Android Community Deals.