‘Lost Journey’ is a not so new mobile game that will have you exploring the outer space for hours because we guarantee that you’ll be addicted to it. The award-winning adventure game was named as the ‘Most Anticipated ID @ Xbox Game’ and was given the  ‘Imagine Cup’ award in China last 2014. Last year, it was also nominated for the IndiePlay Best Mobile Game award.

The first time I saw the puzzle game, I was reminded of Ida, the princess hero in Monument Valley. This will probably influence you in the same way as the 3D puzzle challenge by Ustwo. It will make you really think and carefully plan your next step. Every level, it gets more difficult so you need to prepare yourself for whatever mystery awaits you.

In the Lost Journey, Jennifer is visited by a butterfly that is actually an angel from heaven. In that state of existence, it’s quiet and serene. It’s very relaxing but you may encounter hidden memories and some secrets too. Guide Jennifer to gather all her memories and be with her as she goes through some trials. She needs to find the real meaning of happiness before  it’s too late to reach the Lost Journey.

Also making this as a winner are the backgrounds and serene music in the game. There is life after death and this game will give you an idea of what could happen to you. There is beauty and hope in every level you will be exploring. More strength can be gathered and you can use them to finish this Long Journey.

Notice the beautiful and colorful artwork of the game and you might be mesmerized. Just make sure you don’t let unfortunate things happen to you like bend time, reverse gravity, or someone else manipulating your space.

Download Lost Journey from the Google Play Store