If you’ve been on social media over the weekend, then you probably have seen both sides of the extreme opinions about the Batman vs Superman movie which opened on Saturday. And while it continues to make millions in the box office, not everyone who watched it came out of the theater satisfied. But if you’re a Batman fan, you would probably want to have more of the caped crusader and Google is giving you that with a Street View tour of the Batcave.

Yes, apparently, the lair of Bruce Wayne/Batman is a real place, at least for the purpose of this marketing exercise. But you won’t find it in Gotham probably because there is no actual Gotham. Instead, the lake house and the cave housing all the Bats goodies is in Orion Charter Township, Michigan. You will actually be able to go on a 360-degree tour of not just the house but that legendary cave with all the weapons, gadgets, and hidden secrets (which will not be hidden or secrets anymore).

Aside from the Batmobile of course that everyone wants to see, you also get to stare at the Batsuit in all its armored glory and from whatever angle you want. You can also explore Mr. Wayne’s command station, look at his various weapons, discover all the latest gadgets that has been developed for your favorite hero. There’s even a long tech lab and a Robin suit with markings from the Joker (you’ll get it when you watch the movie).

You can view the Batcave on Google Street View but it will probably look better when you use a virtual reality headset to explore it. Now if only we can also explore Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

VIA: SlashGear