It took them a while to do so, but finally your Android devices can now explode with kittens. The hugely popular card game Exploding Kittens (which has been on iOS as well for almost a year) is finally here for Android smartphones and tablets, letting you prevent any kittens from being harmed among your friends or even strangers on the Internet. The most-funded game in the history of Kickstarter is brought to you by the same folks from The Oatmeal and is a fun diversion from the usual apps and games that you may have on your device.

In January this year, the makers already promised an Android version and almost four months later, they finally delivered. If you need a refresh on what this game is all about, it is all about, as its title says, exploding kittens. Or rather, trying to avoid them. The premise is a bit like Russian roulette, only this time, with cute kittens as they should be. The game can have 2-5 players and each will have a turn to draw a card, crossing their fingers that they do not draw an exploding kitten.

The other cards you draw can contain a defuse card, which will let you continue playing if you do draw the exploding card. If you have a nope card, you can cancel another player’s move, even if they play a defuse card. So it’s really not a friendly game as your goal will be to avoid exploding and to let your friends explode if you have the power to do so.

You can download Exploding Kittens from the Google Play Store for just $1.99. There are in-app purchases available, like $0.99 for special avatars.