Android has a long documented love/hate relationship with multi-window support. Every year, rumors would come out about the feature being finally included in every new stock Android version, and every year, we get disappointed because it’s not there. Well, this is good news (we think) for those still waiting. Apparently, there’s a way to enable a “very experimental” split screen, dual window mode in the upcoming Android M.

Multi-window support will mean an end to the “one app in one screen” era in Android. It will mean a real multitasking approach to the operating system. Maybe that’s why it has taken so long to implement it – and this doesn’t really count as a full implementation. On this one, you have to hack your way inside Android M’s code to actually enable it. So this doesn’t count as a “for real” test.


To enable this, check out the full instructions via the source link below. But to give you an overview, you will need to have TWRP custom recovery installed (that means root access, yes), a PC wit ADB controls installed, and editing Android M’s build.prop code. Even the person who discovered it has said that the mode is “extremely buggy” and not at all usable.

Maybe this is just for our peace of mind, that yes, Google is looking at all the angles and is thinking about multi-window support. Maybe this will appear in Android M, but smart money is that it probably won’t. Maybe a few version more, or maybe not at all. What do you think?

SOURCE: reddit