It can be hard to keep up with expenses if you travel a lot for work and need to itemize for reimbursement or your taxes. The Expensify app has been around for a while for Android users and the app has been updated with a new mobile design to make it easier to use. The new interface looks better and is more intuitive according to the developers.

The new app makes the process of snapping photos of receipts and submitting reports easier. The new version of the app automatically opens in the expenses tab, which is the most commonly used according to the team.

The launcher makes it easy to get to any other part of the app from the home screen allowing users to scan receipts, enter distance details, and log time more efficiently. A new tab bar at the bottom of the home screen makes it faster to enter expenses.

The reports on the reports page were also made easier to read and new contextual elements were added. Those elements include the ability to tag expenses as confirmed for when the money is received. The updated app is available to download now.

SOURCE: Expensify


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