Today we have another awesome game to share with everyone, just in case Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t quite your thing. It’s called Expendable: Rearmed and brings the 90’s classic arcade shooter straight to our favorite Android smartphones and tablets. The popular Dreamcast game has been developed by Retrobomb Studios for Android, has great graphics, and is available today.

By teaming up with NVIDIA, Retrobomb’s new game will have stunning graphics for all Android smartphones and tablets, but on those Tegra-touting devices you’ll get enhanced lighting, more realistic physics, and overall a great level of detail and graphics for a better experience. There’s only one directive with this game — and that’s annihilation.

This shoot-em up arcade style shooter will surely remind you of the late 90’s with the gameplay style, graphics, and even that classic music and soundtrack they’ve bundled. Surely will bring back some good memories for some. They’ve priced it at $3 so you’ll want to check out the video below and see if it’s worth the purchase.

As you can see the game has a very arcade feel to it, but essentially you run around with endless supplies of weapons and ammo and basically annihilate and destroy everything in your path. As the developers say: ” If it moves, shoot it! and if it doesn’t move, blow it up.” The sound effects are pretty excellent and the advanced graphics rendering specifically for quad-core Tegra 3 devices makes this game even better. It’s available right this minute too. For those interesting you can blast right in and enjoy it now from the Google Play Store, or NVIDIA TegraZone.