An updated Expedia app rolled into the Google Play Store this morning. The updated app is now sitting at version 3.0, but perhaps more important — this update has brought some new features as well as some improvements and fixes for previously existing features. One of the new items is itineraries. And nicely done, these will update in real-time as you travel.

Expedia has said the itineraries will be a “beautiful timeline of your upcoming trips.” Perhaps key though, is the part about them keeping up in real-time. These updates will include the key details for your travel. That is to say you can expect to see information on everything from the hotel, to flights and even rental car details. Basically, if you included something in your Expedia booking, it will be included as part of this itineraries feature.

The other new addition is flight bookings for those in Spain, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. This one does however come with a catch though, they are only available for those using the Expedia app on a smartphone (not a tablet). Moving on and we shift over to the fix which took care of issues that were affecting the guest checkout process for those in Canada and the UK.

The improvements begin with a simplified checkout process. This is described as having been simplified in an effort to make the checkout process so that you can “book even faster.” We have to say, the checkout process was fairly speedy in the past, but hey, we aren’t one to argue about something getting a bit faster. The other improvement dealt with the process of selecting dates for multi-night hotel stays and roundtrip flights. All said and done, the big addition here is obviously the itineraries, however those remaining items all seem like worthwhile changes and additions.

[via Expedia]