A new Android-powered set-top box has hit the market from a company called EXOON. The set-top box is the XBMC Android TV DUO Pro. The set-top box is powered by a 1.6 GHz Rockchip A9 dual-core processor. The machine also comes with XBMC software preinstalled and runs Android 4.1.1.

The set-top box has 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of integrated storage, and supports full HD resolution video output. Graphics for the machine are handled by a Mali 400 GPU and the box is able to play video games on your big-screen in the living room. The set-top box supports multiple Android applications for streaming video and games including YouTube and others.

Connectivity options for the set-top box include three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI output, SD card reader, integrated Ethernet port, and integrated Wi-Fi. The box does support external 3G dongle allowing you to stream video using cellular networks. The box also supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Audio outputs include the HDMI 1.4a port and an optical S/PDIF output. The set-top box is available for purchase now at a sale price of $199.99. The device appears to be shaped very much like the Apple TV. The outside of the device appears to be satin black plastic.

[via XBMC Android TV]


  1. Very Nice I actually already bough one of a while ago and got rid of my crappy G Box Midnight that promised the world but had nothing but issues but this thing rocks.

  2. What an awesome unit. I bought mine about 2 weeks ago and I’m extremely pleased with it. For the price and what you get with the EXOON Android TV, nothing can match up to it. Thumbs up all over for this one!!!

  3. my unit arrived last week. i love it! streamed games of thrones this weekend and some pay per view fights. im going to sell my apple tv and gbox so i can order two more for my brother and sister/

    • Agreed. These review feedbacks are all looking like the manufacturer in here boosting their product. Not a bad sales tactic for scum.. LOL

  4. The unique design and familiar feeling of android makes my nerves numb. I loved each and every features of this EXOON Android TV set top box

  5. hey mykie, dont hate! just because their unit is better then the competitors. maybe you should congratulate and support other members and developers of our community. the exoon box does work better then the gbox, android tv and others on the market. i still have my old gbox and apple tv but trying to sell it. if your interested let me know i loved to get rid of them

    • Did you order directly from xbmcandroidtv? If so, how was your experience? How long before your shipment went out after you placed the order? I placed my order 3 days ago. Thanks

  6. What a pile of crap. My top hat tv is kicking butt on every file from xbmc and has jelly bean and ota firmware.

    Got this thinking it would be better since its dual but what junk can’t play netflix cant do hulu hangs up on navi-x. They wont reply to return request so now its dispute with cc. Save your money and get the top hat tv or pivos box

    • Nice try on trying to take away a good companies glory I went to ebay myself and seen nothing but great reviews and happened to buy one just to show support. You sound like just the sour competition promoting some hat tv that no one has ever heard of. What a joke I cant believe all the haters that come out when something good hits the market. Good job guys keep up the great work Exoon.

    • Ohh and by the way the Hulu and Neflix addons for XBMC work great so I dont know where your get your info from. Why woyuld you use thos anyway when you have all the free movies you want on Navi X which works great and icefilms and 1channel including Mash Up.

    • the top hat is the same thing as the Midnight. Unfortunately this is old technology (M3). The new Amlogic MX in the Midnight Mx2 blows the roof off the rockchip cpu for XBMC support. It’s not even a competition. Rockchip doesn’t do 1080 decoding in XBMC without hacking. Never will. Amlogic has XBMC support out the gate. Its a no brainer.

      • Go Blow the roof off a Samsung 4412 with the crappy amlogic MX2 that you can get a half a dozen places in china you guys are clueless

      • @jltommy it looks like Amlogic is out the door they are not even comparing it against any of the big boys where as rockchip they actually won the overall test against samsung and tegra LOL amlogic is obsolete.

        www . cnx-software . com/2013/04/04/quad-cores-soc-comparison-rockchip-rk3188-vs-exynos-4412-vs-tegra-3

  7. John Who ever you are you did not buy our box buddy looks like you are just the competition just trying to stir up a good mess and its not going to work with over 100,000 happy clients so far and not one glitch yet from any add on. Go promote you Hat TV somewhere else. I guess all the great reviews on ebay are hogwash too. EXOON is the truth buddy. Look up on ebay all the good reviews and you’ll see people.

  8. Did you order directly from xbmcandroidtv? If so, how was your experience? How long before your shipment went out after you placed the order? I placed my order 3 days ago. Thanks

    • I order off of amazon and it said it would take around 10 business days and after more than 20 and a bogus shipped sign on my amazon account as well as 3 unanswered emails from the company amazon had to get my money refunded. That all started on dec 23 and I just got my money back. Customer Service?? What Customer Service there was none!!!!! USPS said they only received intent to ship the package and the company tried telling me it was shipped so I would not cancel order. If they told me it was backordered then I would have waited but they could not even respond to any of my emails so that was not going to happen.

  9. Yes but they work with the manufacture Minix like anyone would do with a major manufacture Just like G BOX Midnight goes to Shenzhen Yiyate Technology Co., Ltd.where you can get the same unit and same firm ware for $40 cause it uses a AMLogic chipset which XBMC will only work right with a external player so yo dont get all the addons or elso it will glitch up with any other version of XBMC you try to add on.
    AMLogic is becoming obsolete using XBMC so I think this is a way better unit as Exoon uses Rockchip and Samsung processors in their units and its real deal hardware decoding and and acceleration and plays 1080P like lightning. I had the G BOX which is really just the unit from this site

    yiyate.en.alibaba . com

    even the new MX Box he offers is got from this company. I used it for a while and then purchased this and it is the truth. Real deal XBMC action. Its all in the firmware & the developers you have. Exoon Rocks.

  10. I Love this unit no matter what manufacture they use this thing does everything not to mention all the add ons and repositories already come loaded. I have nothing but good to say about the Exoon unit.

  11. This is just a Mini neo X5.. isn’t worth a crap. The new MX2 midnight is far better. I’ve been beta testing it for two weeks now. Anybody out there saying they have an MX2 is BS. I know every beta tester that got one so far. “Consumer Reply” must be the exoon company. It’s sad because you know nothing about Amlogic and think Rockchip is the solution. It never will be because there’s no kernel sources for the rk3066 or any rockchip for that matter. It will never get proper xbmc support like amlogic SOCs have.

    • Agreed. This Exoon company obviously knows nothing about XBMC if they’re pushing a Rockchip solution. It’s sad that so many players come to the market that just don’t have a clue. Oh, exoon. We’d all LOVE to see a 16gb 1080p video decode on your Rockchip in XBMC (good luck with that!!)

  12. Good Luck with that with the Rockchip obviously you have not seen the videos or used the unit yourself. That is why there is a Hardware Accelerated version of XBMC that pushes it and 1080P like it shout Amlogic is becoming obsolete and EXOON is moving on to Samsung 4412 processors anyway.

    Go take a look at the videos Mr. jltommy god where do you guys come from you can get a MX2 right from china for $40 silly silly competitors trying to revive themselves from a failing amlogic obsolete chipset.1

  13. Rockchip has released its kernel’s so I dont know where these people come from.

    fromnspaon. And rikomagic did released too.

    A port to have ubuntu is already built they are fixing some litte
    issues. If we are lucky this week or the next they will be releasing it.

    Btw the idea is to release a dual boot rom . That allows tonselect android jb or ubuntu.

    Here it is my post with the kernell source.

    pandawillforum. com /showthread. php?14248-RK3066-Linux-Kernel-Source-Code-(ug802-and-others)

  14. Just wanted to put this out here that dont know what you are talking about with the kernel for Rockchip. Who ever is talking all the gibberish that amlogic is is god is on a band wagon or just plain old dont know what the hell they are talking about looks like the Exoon is going to have a dual boot solution this month if I have anything to do about it.

    www . cnx-software . com/2012/11/04/rockchip-rk3066-rk30xx-processor-documentation-source-code-and-tools/#ixzz2C8Zci1yz

  15. All of these comments make me not want to get a xbmc stb, I would rather buy hardware and software made by the manufacturer that has been tested and proven to work, in which is held to the manufacturers name and reputation so that if it’s no good it will badly hurt the company and thus they will not get away with it.

    most of the xbmc reviews i have read say that the hardware listed was incorrect or was a cheap copy, the software having conflicts with hardware and or not working properly on it’s own.

    Whats even worse is that you have so many xbmc stb knock-off’s which look exactly the same and promise the same hardware but can only be verified after purchase in which ofcourse, good-luck getting a refund.

    That is my perspective anyways, I own a google TV and was thinking about buying a xbmc device but after a lengthy search i do not think thats in my best interest.

    • @Adrian Pierce Watch the videos on the EXOON Site and Know that we stand behind our units and can offer 30 day risk free money back guarantee and a 1 Year manufactures warranty we just got our Quad Core units in and they blow away anything on the market.

      • I tried to buy a unit on amazon and the customer service was garbage. it was never shipped even though they tried to tell me it was. They never responded to any of the three emails I sent to them. Amazon had to get me my money back for the unit. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this company!!!!

  16. It looks like Amlogic is out the door they are not even comparing it
    against any of the big boys where as rockchip they actually won the
    overall test against samsung and tegra LOL amlogic is obsolete.

    www . cnx-software . com/2013/04/04/quad-cores-soc-comparison-rockchip-rk3188-vs-exynos-4412-vs-tegra-3

    • Wait for the M802 by amlogic. 2.5GHz x 4 quad core 4k2k rendering. I hear prototypes are floating around. Gonna put a spankin’ on Rockchip, Allwinner, Samsung without a doubt.

  17. Have up one level install on my exoon power tv box but but it states driver is unavailable. How can I make it available?


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