You may have already had your fill of smartwatches, but the Exetech XS-3 is on a league of its own. While most smartwatches settle for being an accessory to a bigger smartphone, this one is a smartphone on its own. And yes, it can make phone calls too.

Some of you might remember the rather odd Neptune Pine, which also puts a pager, or rather a smartphone, on your wrist. The Exetech XS-3 represents somewhat of an improvement over the huge block that is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Better, because it actually does look like a watch, with a smaller body and a more streamlined appearance. Of course, something has to give, which is the display size, which is now reduced to a 1.54-inch 240×240 LCD screen. Despite the size, however, you will still find micro-SIM and microSD card slots inside. You also have a 2 megapixel camera on the right side and buttons on each bezel for navigation.

Unfortunately, this Exetech device is also somewhat of a downgrade. For one, it is running a much older Android 4.0 version. The processor is an unidentified dual-core MediaTek of an unknown clock speed, but we’re not expecting blazing fast performance anyway. But perhaps the most peculiar defect, if one can call it that, of Exetech XS-3 is that it doesn’t have a back cover. Yes, the 420 mAh is completely exposed. Sure, the battery is unlikely to fall off when strapped to your wrist, but there will be worries about ingress of particles, liquids, and not to mention loosening of the battery over time.

One other big difference between the Neptune Pine and the Exetech XS-3 is that while the former exists as a Kickstarter campaign, the latter has already been commercially available, in black for now with a white color option coming the in the future. You might want to think twice, thrice, or as many times as you want if you really need or want this smartwatch, as it will cost you a rather high price of $485.

SOURCE: Exetech
VIA: Engadget