Android 11 Pixel Exclusive Features

The arrival of Android 11 has happened. It’s been out there for a while now but it’s only this September that it has reached the stable channel. It’s currently available for Pixel phones (starting with Pixel 2) and some of the latest devices from OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Realme. The Pixel series is more special as it will receive exclusive Android 11 features. This is not unusual as previous Android versions have also rolled out features made first especially for Pixel phones. Most of the time though, the exclusive features and changes eventually roll out to other non-Pixel devices.

The Pixel-first features will help a consumer focus more on connecting with other people–ironically, even in this time of pandemic when social distancing is required from us. For one, Android 11 offers Live View with Location Sharing within Google Maps. You can meet up with family and friends in real life but before you see them, you need to know their location first.

On your Pixel phone, you can view the location and determine how far they are from you. The feature can also tell you directions and arrows so you know where to go on your way. Android 11 brings Smart Reply to your phone’s keyboard. This makes typing easier, thanks to suggestions. This allows you to respond faster in some chats when you use Gboard.

Android 11 on Pixel delivers app predictions. The system will base them on your daily routines and history. For example, Android 11 can launch Google Maps when it’s time to do your run. Media apps may be launch at a certain time of the day. Messages may be opened as well every morning as soon as you wake up.

Android 11 Pixel Features

Home screen personalization is made even better on Android 11. Intelligent suggestions for folder names may be provided by the system. You can group the apps by theme whether News, Fitness, Photography, or Navigation as examples.

Taking screenshots on Android 11 has been improved as well. You can either use ‘Select’ to just choose an element on the screen. The phone will then ask you if you want to Share or Edit. You can crop, draw, or turn or maybe even delete the photo. This change makes this part easier and faster for everyone since it is something the people do every day.