As a fan of the old(er) real-time strategy games like, Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilization, and disciples, there has probably been a point in time where you wondered if your Android device could actually run those games. The main problem, of course, is compatibility – but Eltechs’ ExaGear Strategies app might just do it for you. That is, provide a platform to launch these old PC games on your Android device.

Most of us would probably choose to stay platform specific, in that we would play these old PC games when a bout of nostalgia hits us where they were designed to be played – on your old PC. But for those hardcore fans who can’t get enough, ExaGear Strategies is an emulator app that allows you to play these 3 classic games – Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Disciples 2, and Civilization 3 – on your Android device.

The app is the emulator engine that plays the software, so it is understood that you need a copy of the game – either the game folder, or with the included runtime files from the CD or DVD – to be copied to your Android device’s storage. The app basically takes it from there, running the app with its emulator engine. There are two “control modes” named Helium and Cuprum – and either of them is recommended for a specific game. You will have to purchase these control modes eventually.

The app itself is free to install and free to run for 3 days, after which you would have to pay the fee of USD$7.00 for each control mode. There are 3 supported games for now, but rumors say that Eltechs is gunning for the classics – Diablo, Arcanum, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls seem to be the front-runners on the list of fan requests. So go give it a try at the Google Play Store source link. Who knows, maybe your 7 dollar investment might just help them bring Diablo and Fallout to Android, which would be quite awesome.

SOURCE: Google Play Store