deregister imessage

Apple’s iMessage bug has been affecting a lot of Android users but it’s only now that the Cupertino company has finally released some fixes. Android fans who have been trying to use the iMessage have been experiencing problems especially when it comes to using their old numbers used for the messaging service. Problem was the ex-iPhone users who still wanted to use their iMessage accounts or numbers haven’t been receiving texts and messages because their cellphone number was still associated with Apple’s SMS system.

But good thing Apple released a new tool that would help old iPhone iMessage users to deregister their numbers officially. Apple said that disabling iMessage on the iPhone would help but the suggestion did not fix the issue for some people. It was frustrating but the “deregistering” process could help now.

Deregister and turn off iMessage says Apple. For those who no longer have the iPhone, deregister by simply entering your phone number and the 6-digit confirmation code on the dedicated page set up by Apple. Your phone number should be easily erased from the database.

turn off imessage

This is good news for ex-iPhone users but it took a while for Apple to answer to the complaints. The company even received a lawsuit for this one because of anger and frustrations by old iPhone users. The online page help should be able to solve the problem.

If you still need help, do drop by an Apple Genius Bar and let those geniuses no that you no longer want the iPhone.

VIA: Slashgear