If you think Google Search is helpful enough, you haven’t tried Evie. It’s a new app that lets you search for the exact information you need. Sure, Google knows everything but there are times when you need to use and search data on a specific app. For example, a restaurant finder app will be more efficient and quick in delivering results because information is readily available. You just need to search for it. If you don’t find the details you need, you can try another app.

Searching can be easy but it can be easier with Evie as it searches within the apps you already have. No need to switch and launch a new one every time. You just need to launch the Evie search bar and it will do a more extensive search for you.

Evie 3

Evie allows searching across all apps you have right from your home screen. This means the app itself will try to search within other apps so it can bring you the information you need immediately in one place. It’s really faster compared to launching several apps to search for what you are looking for. It can search through those media-releated apps for new TV shows, premiers, trailers, or new episodes. If you’re searching for your favorite artist, it can check everywhere available like Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Download Evie from the Google Play Store. App is only available for Android.

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