This Evie is slowly progressing to be a widely used launcher. We last featured this app way back in September when it received better homescreen import and more customization features. Six months later, it’s getting another round of update that is mainly for some Samsung devices. You see, this launcher would usually crash in certain Samsung models. Evie Labs’ developers immediately worked on a fix to ensure the app is working fine on all Android devices supported. Also included are Android N shortcuts you may find useful.

We may have missed other updates but the latest one greatly improves the launcher’s performance. This Android launcher makes opening frequently used apps and features faster and easier. The idea is to totally open a home screen replacement. More customization options have been added already as requested by avid users.

In the past, the app developers have included support for grid and list soring and made the app drawer better and faster. Feel free to set live wall papers, take advantage of home screen management, set dock with custom grid, and view unread badges.

You may also notice a better home screen management, the redesigned folder, and the removable icon labels. You can also restore your home screen and use the same in any other device by allowing backup and restore.

Download Evie Launcher from the Google Play Store